Heart Transplant in Children: What Can Be Done While Waiting for a Transplant | Q&A


Johns Hopkins heart surgeon Luca Vricella discusses what can be done while children wait for a heart transplant. He reviews associated conditions, surgery preparations and treatment options. To schedule an appointment, call 410-614-1501.

Questions answered:
1. Describe what you do. (0:11)
2. What conditions cause a child to need a heart transplant? (0:25)
3. What would you tell a patient's family who is just been told their child needs a heart transplant? (1:50)
4. What options are there for keeping a child stable while they wait for a heart transplant? (2:51)
5. How are assist devices implanted? (4:29)
6. Why do you do what you do? (5:15)
7. Why should a parent come to Hopkins for treatment of pediatric heart conditions? (6:14)



Luca Vricella

Luca Vricella, MD

Associate Professor, Surgery and Pediatrics