Heart Transplant in Children: Surgery and Quality of Life Afterwards | Q&A


Heart Surgeon Dr. Luca Vricella discusses pediatric heart transplants. He reviews what the surgery entails, recovery, and quality of life.

Questions answered:
1. Describe what you do. (0:11)
2. Briefly describe heart transplant surgery. (0:25)
3. What are some factors that may make a heart surgery more complex? (1:07)
4. What is the recovery like after surgery? (1:44)
5. What kind of scar will be present after surgery? (2:20)
6. What is the long term prognosis for children who have had a heart transplant, how is their future quality of life? (2:42)
7. How long does a heart transplant last and are patients likely to need another transplant later in life? (4:31)
8. Why should a parent come to Hopkins for treatment of pediatric heart conditions? (5:12)



Luca Vricella

Luca Vricella, MD

Associate Professor, Surgery and Pediatrics