Diagnosing and Treating Voice Disorders: Johns Hopkins Voice Center | Q&A


Lee Akst, director of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center, answers questions about voice disorders, when it is time to see a voice specialist and what to expect when you do.

Questions answered:
1. How and why do voices become disordered? (0:44)
2. If a patient is complaining of hoarseness, how would you diagnose and treat it? (1:20)
3. When should a patient with a voice disorder see a laryngeal specialist as opposed to their PCP? (2:28)
4. What are some common types of voice disorders? (3:22)
5. What can people do to prevent damaging their voices? (4:36)
6. What is the role of speech language pathology in the Voice Center? (5:23)
7. Why come to Johns Hopkins for treatment of a voice disorder? (5:59)



Lee Akst

Lee Akst, MD

Director of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center