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Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Q&A

Anesthesiologist Steven Frank, medical director of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at Johns Hopkins, explains what bloodless medicine surgery is and how it is performed.


Rectal Cancer | Q&A

Dr. Jonathan Efron, Director, Division of Colorectal Surgery, Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery, answers important questions about rectal cancer.


What Is the Whipple Procedure? | Q&A

The Whipple procedure, also known as a pancreaticoduodenectomy, is a surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer and is explained by Johns Hopkins surgical oncologist Christopher Wolfgang.


Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) | Q&A

Jeffrey Lukish, associate professor of surgery, discusses patent ductus arteriosus.


Heart Transplant in Children: What Can Be Done While Waiting for a Transplant | Q&A

Johns Hopkins heart surgeon Luca Vricella discusses what can be done while children wait for a heart transplant. He reviews associated conditions, surgery preparations and treatment options. To schedule an appointment, call 410-614-1501.


Heart Transplant in Children: Surgery and Quality of Life Afterward | Q&A

Heart surgeon Luca Vricella discusses pediatric heart transplants. He reviews what the surgery entails, recovery and quality of life.


Heart-Lung Transplants at Johns Hopkins | Q&A

Transplant surgeon Ashish Shah explains the heart-lung transplant process, history, and conditions it treats, such as childhood diseases that left a weak heart and lungs.


Liver Transplant: The Surgery, Recovery and Quality of Life | Q&A

Johns Hopkins transplant surgeon Andrew Cameron discusses the liver transplant procedure and recovery, the incision, quality of life after transplant, research and rejection medication.


Living Kidney Donor Surgery | Q&A

Transplant surgeon Dorry Segev discusses the kidney transplant waiting list, living kidney donors, surgery, recovery and the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center.


Managing the Health of Kidney Transplant Recipients | Q&A

Transplant nephrologist Nada Alachkar discusses kidney transplants, candidate eligibility, patient health before and after surgery, quality of life, and Johns Hopkins.